27 October 2016

Best Of: Serbia

State Terrorism: NATO Bombing of Yugoslavia. NATO's bombing of Yugoslavia was a war waged against civilians, not the military. 10/2010, 2300 words.

Chronicling the standoff between Serbs of Northern Kosovo and NATO in 2011:
  • Values Clash. Kosovo Serbs resist NATO occupation. Belgrade sides with NATO. 7/2011, 800.
  • Tightening the Noose – With Belgrade's Blessing. Belgrade "negotiates" with NATO. Says NATO's blockade fine, but not the counter-blockade of NATO control points. Kosovo Serbs reject the deal done in their name. 8/2011, 400 words.
  • Criminalizing Sit-ins NATO declares Serb protesters facing it criminals. 8/2011, 300 words.
  • Government Only Good for Surrendering. Belgrade uses all its leverage to half-surrender Kosovo Serbs to NATO.  8/2011, 300 words.
  • Drawing Blood. NATO renegs on the deal, the counter-blockade goes back up. NATO lashes out, six protesters shot, medical workers and ambulances fired upon. 9/2011, 3100 words.
  • Erhard after Erhard, Pinocchio after Pinocchio. NATO's Orwellianism continues. 10/2011, 700 words.
  • No Surrender by Government. Northern Kosovo Serbs break off from Belgrade lest it again surrenders in their name. 11/2011, 800 words.
  • Stateless Serbia. Today it's really the occupied, but stateless and unbowed Serbs of northern Kosovo that know freedom. 11/2011, 400 words.
  • State Serbia. Serbia proper meanwhile is just another province of the Empire. 11/2011, 900 words.
  • One Chain. Serbia's PM complains being a Quisling is no picnic. 12/2011, 150 words.

What Worth Kosovo. Belgrade didn't lose Kosovo in the war. It lost it when it failed to defend the deal that ended the war in peace. 11/2011, 1200 words.

Kosovo: No New Demarcations. Who is pushing talk of Kosovo "partition" and why? 2/2012, 950 words.

Kosovo: Farce and Justice. Albanians are 90% of the population of Kosovo, but do they own 90% of the land? 3/2012, 2000 words.