28 October 2014

Best of: Croatia

Guilty Unless Empire's Client in Good Graces. Though the US facilitated Croatia's 1995 Operation Storm the ICTY was free to prosecute Croatian officials seeing the country later on fell out of favor with Washington, but what does it say about US righteousness when even a court that is an instrument of Western interventionism in the region finds fault with the US-backed offensive? 4/2011, 850 words.

Croatia: Popular Sanction EU Style
. The bogus democracy behind Croatia's EU referendum. 1/2012, 600 words. 

Croatia Did Not Vote. Just 29% of the electorate said yes to Croatia's EU membership. 1/2012, 500 words.

Tim Judah out-Nonsenses Himself. Tim Judah is taken to task for patronizing ex-Yugoslavs and using them to try guilting Union Europeans into backing the EU. 10/2012, 1900 words.

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