24 September 2014

5 Years of Crappy Town

It has been roughly five years since I started this blog, which got rolling in earnest in the autumn of 2009. Setting up the blog I had two mayor intentions.

The first one was to use it as a form of therapy. The idea was that committing thoughts on issues that bothered me to paper and offering them up to the world would help my peace of mind. I figured that if I published my thoughts on injustices and delusions that I saw or remembered, I would not have to rerun them in my mind over and over again.

The second was that I would become a better writer. Obviously enough, publishing a blog forces on you a kind of discipline. It may be possible to reach at least as many people via the social media, particularly online forums, as it is with a start-up blog. The difference is that on forums, or Facebook there is no expectation that any effort will be spent on the style and the structure of the argument. For a blog post to be taken seriously, however, it is not enough that it offers a compelling argument. It also has to amount to something in terms of the quality of the writing.

In these terms Crappy Town has been a great success. In the past five years of blogging I have gone a long way in both of my objectives.

I have become a more systematic thinker and a far better writer. I have improved sufficiently that I sometimes cringe a little reading some of my early stuff. Not that my early arguments are without value, or a cause of embarrassment – far from it, but that I at once see how I could have phrased and structured them far better. Here's to hoping that in five years' time that is how I will see the writing that I am able to churn out today!

On the "therapy" front,
I am five years older, but actually more stress-free than at the onset of Crappy Town. I am as opposed to hypocrisy and aggression as ever, and just as determined to oppose them, along with ignorance, as far as I can, but just a little less angry, which is healthy.

Along the way in advancing my writing skills and mental well-being the blog has also produced a fair bit of quality content, some of which ended up re-posted elsewhere and even translated, attracted about 40,000 unique visits, and on a few occasions the visits from fellow bloggers Nebojša Malić (Gray Falcon), Mark Chapman (The Kremlin Stooge), Gerard Gallucci (Outside the Walls), Rory Gallivan,
Leoš Tomíček (Austere Insomniac), Wim Roffel (Conflict and Compromise), Carl Savich (Serbianna) and.

All things considered, pretty good going overall for now.


  1. Well done...I look forward to your posts. You have a keen and often unique insight into contemporary (and historical) events.