09 September 2012


The Herald (a Scottish broadsheet) on the manager of the Serbian national football team (link):
"SUCH is the reputation of Sinisa Mihajlovic that one could forgive the SFA if bars are being hastily erected around the technical area at Hampden in deference to the imminent arrival of the Serbia coach."
Yepp, you read that right. A serious, "quality" British paper has no problem suggesting it would be fine to cage their guests from Serbia when they come over to take part in a sporting event. You may think suggesting some people may be treated with as with apes would be just a tiny-bit politically incorrect in 2012, but if some people happen to be Serbian, you would evidently be wide off the mark.

(The quote is a byline to a poor background article on the manager of the Serbian national football team published in the build up to the football match between the national selections of Scotland and Serbia that was held yesterday in Glasgow. The Scottish Football Association showed more class than that and despite the indulgence granted by The Herald treated their guests with hospitality and dignity, not enclosing their opposition's manager with a cage.)

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