23 June 2011

Cruise Missile Diplomacy

In an effort to liven up the lately slow going on here I am going to start pointing out articles of interest when I run into them as many blogs do.

An informative piece at counterpunch.org from Franklin C. Spinney. It places the air strikes on Libya in the context of strikes since Operation Deliberate Force over Bosnia and Herzegovina that are an outgrowth of the mindset common with foreign policy bureaucrats that combines the theories of coercive diplomacy and precision strikes. It is traced to the work done by William Perry who went on to become Clinton's Secretary of Defense.

Moreover the recipe is shown to be based on much self-delusion. It was superflous and inconsequential in Bosnia in '95 and failed against Yugoslavia in '99. What should had been a few days of precision bombing was escalated into a war on the whole economy of one country something that exceeds the parametres of precision guided coercive diplomacy.

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