18 March 2011

The 'Deeply Concerned' Brussels

Well what do you know, aside from the US, the EU is likewise "deeply concerned" about the situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina. And like Washington, it knows just what the natives ought to do:
"Bosnia and Herzegovina cannot afford to lose more time. The political leaders must urgently address EU-related reforms as a matter of priority if the country is to take steps forward on its European integration path. For this to happen, Bosnia and Herzegovina needs representative, broad and solid governments at all levels to tackle the outstanding issues in this regard."
There you go, the institution that can talk about the "office of HR/EUSR" with a straight face and which has a "High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy and Vice-President of the Commission" (HRUFASP?) knows just what the bureaucracy-stricken Bosnia needs to pulls itself together.

There is a lesson in there somewhere for libertarians. Here is the colonial power that is the EU growing frustrated with the fact there is no government in Bosnia and Herzegovina in place yet. (Aside from the government in Republic of Srpska which they detest.) Without middlemen it is impossible for them to exercise power in the Condominium and they are left utterly hapless. There is no one to implement their dictates.

Here then is to hoping the present situation lasts and the EU grows even more concerned. Maybe they'll give it up and find a hobby.

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