30 October 2010

The Russians See It

The Russian ambassador to Bosnia and Herzegovina on his talks with the head of the largest Croatian party in Bosnia and Herzegovina, on the position of Croats in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the upcoming Peace Implementation Council meeting as reported by Sarajevo daily Oslobodjenje:
"The Russian Federation appreciates the demands of Croats to have their equality secured. Harchenko spoke these past days with the president of HDZ BIH Dragan Čović about the question of a third entity. Russia, said the ambassador, does not not want to interfere and holds that the accomplishment of equality of the Croatian people is a matter of internal agreement."

"Since the elections we see that this situation requires urgent solutions, said Harchenko, adding that Russia, at the session of the Peace Implementation Council (PIC) in November, will push to have the greatest attention be given the position of the Croats in Bosnia and Herzegovina."
Official Russia has taken note of the seriousness of the situation the Croats of Bosnia and Herzegovina find themselves in. The West and even Zagreb remain quiet.

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