25 July 2010

Devouring Their Own

So the dumb, right-wing Toronto Sun fired the "Eisenhower Republican" Eric Margolis who had been with the rag for over a quarter of a century. No doubt he was let go for his heretical view of the absurd "Global War on Terror". However rather than heap praise on him for it as some have done it would probably be more prudent for principled opponents of aggressive war to ask how come he had not managed to get himself kicked out from the brain-dead tabloid a long time ago. 

Then it might be remembered, or discovered, that until 2001 when the focus in foreign affairs shifted to the Muslim world Margolis had been anything but a heretic. In fact the Empire could have scarcely asked for a more hateful, better motivated and uglier hack to satanize its chosen targets in the Balkans. Owing to his relative obscurity he could hardly have been said to have led the effort, however he certainly went to the extremes that few others matched. His time was spent hysterically nazifying the Serbs (eg, eg, eg, eg), doing his part to help make NATO's war in the Balkans possible.

As implied in the Antiwar Blog report his losing his place at the paper may have come about due to strings attached to a recent government grant to the tabloid. However had the paper received a similar grant in the 1990s it is certain that it would have arrived under the condition that Margolis not be let go under any circumstance. 

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