21 January 2010

One Brave Quisling: Marja Update

The media savy Marine commanders in Helmand sure are making certain we do not forget about their upcoming operation in and around Marja. This time it has fallen to one Lt. Colonel Calvert Worth, a lowly battalion commander, to focus our attentions on that town.
"We're very, very close now to Marjah."

"If the Taliban or the narco-traffickers decide that they do not want to willfully accept a return of a legitimate governance of the region, they would have to make a decision -- they can choose to fight and resist, or they can join the legitimate government of Afghanistan."

"We are here to facilitate the reintegration of Zair as a representative of the government."
Again one Haji Zair has been mentioned basically as a person on whose behalf the push is going to take place. Zair said to be the governor of the place, appointed by the Hamid Karzai government, but so far unable to take residence there - which is to say he is the governor of nothing. Willing to be brought in as the governor of a Taleban stronghold on the tips of American bayonets - Zair is a braver, or stupider, man than most. Jobs do not come much more drenched with danger than this.
A hint as to where Zair finds his courage can possibly be found in the constant references to Marja as an opium producing region and a narcotics hub. I suppose that in the hands of the right person this could make this governorship a very lucrative post to hold indeed.

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